Sugar Britches

Sugar Britches is a crossover blend pedal for bass. It delivers studio-recording-style blended bass tone in live situations. Add flat, extended low-frequency response to any guitar effect without coloring the tone. It can be used with any instrument that needs extended low frequency response.

Use nearly any guitar pedal as a bass pedal without "tone suck": Get overdrive grind with tight attack transients. Tame the wildest fuzz pedals. Use envelope filters, delay, and other colorful time-based effects but still hold down the bottom end. Or add a Y splitter cable, and add low end to otherwise-perfect aggresive distortion.


  • Gentle crossover for smooth blend and coherent transient response
  • Variable crossover frequency from 75-1.7kHz
  • Phase control - works with phase-inverting overdrive pedals
  • Hard bypass with a short signal path
  • DC Coupled - no coupling capacitors in the signal path
  • Flat frequency response down to 10Hz
  • Fully buffered
  • Ridiculous amounts of headroom - works with high output active basses
  • ~12dB of gain
  • No internal battery compartment

Where To Buy

Available from the BYTE HEAVEN store at

BYTE HEAVEN Store on Reverb

Crossover blend routing

Connect an effect pedal between the SEND and RETURN jacks. Sugar Britches sends only high frequencies to the pedal. Sugar britches mixes clean low frequencies with the returned, effected signal.

This is best for envelope filters, chorus effects, delays, and sparkly overdrive "grind". Also a great way to control exactly how much low frequency is sent to a highly modified fuzz pedal.

Standard Routing

More-bass routing

Maybe you love your distortion tone just as it is, but the sound is top-heavy. In this case, don't use the SEND, use a "Y" splitter. Plug the input signal into both the IN and your distortion effect, and blend the output. This lets your full-range signal distort, but adds bass to the high-frequency-rich output of the distortion.

This approach also works with some non-distortion pedals that sound great as-is, but don't produce enough bass in the output.

More-Bass Routing

Clean Boost

Sure, there are simpler ways to do this, but you can also use Sugar Britches as a clean boost by connecting a patch cable from the SEND to RETURN. Then you can adjust the gains to boost the high or low frequencies (or both) up to about 12dB, or attenuate them to zero..


Power Supply9-12V DC ring-positive
Frequency Response10-17kHz
Input Impedance1MΩ
Output Impedance1kΩ
Dimensions122x72x53mm / 4.8x2.8x2.2in