Singlecross is a mini crossover pedal for guitar, bass, and other instruments.

Singlecross is a 6dB/octave, first-order crossover. Designed for pedalboard use, it runs off a standard 9-12v power supply and requires minimal current. Low noise, DC coupled, with low THD and tons of headroom, it transparently splits the signal and otherwise stays out of the way. The outputs can be mixed back together to recover the original signal with no coloration. The phase switch compensates for phase inverting pedals, allowing you to create blends with a simple micro mixer, or a passive mixer.

Singlecross can be used as a simple crossover module, or as a lowpass or highpass filter. It is small, rugged and requires very little current.


  • First-order crossover for minimal phase shifting and smooth blends
  • Outputs mix back together with no "frequency hole"
  • Low noise
  • Variable crossover frequency from 80-1700Hz
  • Phase switch - for use with phase-inverting pedals and passive mixers
  • DC Coupled
  • Wide, flat frequency response down to 0Hz
  • Analog
  • Fully buffered
  • Lots of headroom - works with high output instruments and pedals
  • Unity gain
  • No internal battery compartment

At this time, there is only one video demonstrating the Singlecross. The Sugar Britches pedal uses the same crossover circuit, so you may also consider watching the videos for that pedal.


Power Supply9-12V DC ring-positive
Frequency Response0-20kHz
Input Impedance1MΩ
Output Impedance1kΩ