Seltzer is a setlist-focused lyrics display program, with controls and search features designed for a live performance context.

Seltzer is on indefinite hold, but may return as freeware.


  • Organize song sheets into setlists
  • Search: quickly find and load songs
  • Autoscrolling
  • Sends MIDI program change
  • Configurable fonts and colors
  • Reads standard Chordpro documents
  • Download

Chordpro Format

Sheet music is in standard Chordpro format. Chordpro was originally created to be a simple way to print out sheet music, from files that could be edited using a simple text editor. This makes it very easy to edit with even the most basic text editor. Now it is a standard format for song lyrics and chords. A plain text file with no markup is also valid chordpro, which makes it easy to prepare lyric sheets in a hurry.


On stage, I often have a computer in front of me for the synth or backing tracks. And I was setting printed lyric sheets on top of that. And then using duck tape to hold it in place in the wind.

"This is silly," I thought.

I could not locate stage any stage-focused lyrics display software that would also integrate with software apps (send MIDI). So I wrote Seltzer.


Seltzer roadmap at trello.